Shanghai Century Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd.
Standardized curtain wall production workshop
  • 01
    Extrusion collating (unload incoming materials, collating extrusions)
  • 02
    Cutting (double-head saw, automatic angle cutting machine)
  • 03
    Machining (CNC machining center, notching machine, punch machine, plate saw, etc)
  • 04
    Sub-assembly(gasket inserting to fabricated extrusion,bracket assembly)
  • 05
    Frame assembly
  • 06
    Backpan assembly
  • 07
    Assembly line assembly (cleaning, pasting double-sided stickers, installing, applying structural adhesive, installing edge protection, applying sealant, and cleaning the assembly line)
  • 08
    Finished product area
  • 09
    (finished product curing)
  • 10
  • Curtain Wall assembly line

    On-line inspection of curtain wall units

    Automatic angle cutting machine

    Stereoscopic profile warehousing center

    4-axis automatic CNC machining center

    Machining center

    Digital double-end cutting machine

    Curtain Wall unit finished product maintenance area